I hope you enjoy my blog. It has three purposes:

  • to explore issues about the nature of both Canada and the US;
  • to interview American-born citizens or residents of Canada who have interesting perspectives on their dual histories;
  •  to provide information to American-born citizens and residents of Canada and to Americans who might be interested in immigrating to Canada.

I planned this project several years ago, but as John Lennon said, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” I wrote some posts late in 2009 but didn’t get rolling until the spring of 2012.

Expect to see interviews and practical information on immigration in the next few weeks or months.  Right now (January 2013), I’m beginning my annual trek to Ontario and Michigan from my home in British Columbia.  Though my access to the internet will often be limited, I expect to add posts as I can while I’m travelling.

You can read those that are currently available; I’m still adding a few old ones as I continue to switch from my previous format to WordPress.

If you have questions or comments – or would like to publish or in some other way distribute an article – send me an email.

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